Bengaluru based entities engaged in imparting blasting chemicals and building demolishing services for the clients.
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Chemical Breaker (Nova Blast)

Chemical Breaker (Nova Blast)
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We are one of the most eminent names in the industry for the trading and supplying chemical breaker for the clients. This high-powered Non-explosive Soundless Cracking Agent is also called as NOVABLAST. We have manufactured this chemical with a vision to extend our hands in demolition of concrete, rock and boulders in environmentally sensitive areas where vibration must be minimized. Moreover it also plays a vital role in for controlled splitting of concrete, rock, boulders and quarrying of natural stone. We do have varied range of grades available to meet all application requirements. Keeping in mind the quality and safety we manufacture the entire range with utmost precision. Our chemicals possess extraordinary attributes like it can be used by personnel without explosive training, requires only mixing with recommended quantity of water to activate, Eliminates hazard of flying rock.

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